According to the United Nations environmental program (UNEP)Africa is suffering deforestation more than any other continent of the world. Some other sources also claim that deforestation has already wiped 90% of West Africa’s original forest.  Deforestation is an act whereby trees are cut down for either commercial purposes or for personal use. As we already know, trees make up part of our environment. The trees are part of what triggers the water cycle. The trees controls erosion and flooding, trees gives us shade and protection from harsh weathers some times and most of all, trees are used in constructions and that means trees must be cut down by people.  We have come to known that one of the factors contributing to deforestation in West African countries is due the fact that they depend largely on woods as fuel for cooking and heating. Apart from that, they need these trees in production of furniture and as a result our poor forest suffers it. People from other countries of the world come to our own country, cut down trees and send them back to their country for construction and our governments sit on their seats and does equals to nothing about it. They rid us of our trees and take it to their home to make them beautiful. All other countries of the world are already working on ways to stop deforestation except my country Nigeria, we always seems to be left behind in everything. According to the (FAO), Nigerian has the world’s highest deforestation rate of its primary forest. Yet, other West African countries already have some measures they are taking to stop deforestation but trust Nigeria, those kind of things “is not our business” but when it comes to money, it becomes everyone’s business.

Stop deforestation, cutting down trees is not good. By the time the trees are all gone and our environment become treeless, then there will be little or no rain at all. Imagine when there is flooding or erosion and then the nutrients in the soil are washed off into the river and probably after one year we stop having rainfall as there will not be enough tree for transpiration. And our land will become dry and so hard to till plus some rivers will dry off as the water cycle will be affected and there will be no more rainfall. What a disaster that will be, and apart from no rainfall, the wind will have no control as the trees that checks wind will already have been cut down.

If the trees are continuously cut down, and we do close to nothing about it, then everyone would be at risk as the health of every living being will be affected. If you must fell a tree, you have to plant a tree.




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