What should be the cry of Port Harcourt express road residents in Abia state?
Should they continue to call for rehabilitation since the road has failed completely, or simply hold on to the health slogan that says SANITAS SANITATUM, OMNIA SANITAS and health for one man health for all.
When the Abia State government house is flowered with beauty, the Port Harcourt road Express road has become a refuse dump.
This road has been abandoned, and is still getting worse on daily basis. It is so difficult to imagine business running smoothly on such terrain.
Now, a year after the new headline “Abia moves to rehabilitate Port Harcourt road” and the patient residents of Port Harcourt road no longer use this major road,.
The road which stops at osisi oma leaves whosoever that is travelling further with no excuse than walk his way through by foot as it has become practically impossible for anyone to use vehicle, public or private to ply the road.
The Environmental health practitioners of Abia State should remember that HEALTH FOR ONE IS THE HEALTH FOR ALL

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