Ever had a difficulty breathing? and suddenly your eyes began itching and became sore and you started having an unusual headache all of a sudden?
Well, what we can get from a polluted environment is endless and devastating that when we are not careful enough we get a more serious effect, extinction probably! With the way gaseous wastes and effluents are released into the environment these days, don’t be surprised that we will all wake up one day and find ourselves in another planet. That was not funny at all, why would an enormous amount of gases be released out of the earth to the atmosphere everyday and nothing is being done about it. Environmental pollution is the contamination of the components of the atmosphere which are the physical and biological part of the earth in such a way that the normal activities of the environment are adversely affected. Environmental pollution can be the contaminated air or the big noise from the factories in the big cities, trucks, buses and planes and of course our water which is worst affected. When some gases like sulfure dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, Carbone monoxide, hydrogen tetraoxosulphate six and so many other chocking gases not only contaminate our air, but also lead to the release of acid rain into the atmosphere and you know what that means. That certainly implies that our environment is at risk.
Our environment is so important and can also clean itself if we can learn to leave it the way it is. Cutting down trees indiscriminately, releasing materials and energy into the water bodies, releasing gaseous substance in quantities where the atmosphere will be unable to cleans itself should be stopped in order for us to have a better environment and still keep it safe and clean for the generations to come.




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