I will be discussing the following with you.;

1) Practical Processes of GENERATING Business Ideas

2) Guidelines and Examples for Starting MEAGER Budget (less than N50,000.oo) MICROENTERPRISES

3) Guidelines and Examples for Starting LOW Budget (less than N100,000.oo) MICROENTERPRISES

4) Guidelines and Examples for Starting SMALL Budget (less than N500,000.oo) Businesses.

5) Steps in REFINING Your Business Ideas and Plans

6) Do(s) and Don’t(s) of Successfully Implementing a Business Plan

7) The Wide BENEFITS of Business Record Keeping and SIMPLIFIED Ways of Keeping Adequate Records

8) How to AVOID the Crowd of 50+% of Businesses that DIE OFF in their First 50 Months

9) Current HIGH PROFITS-YIELDING Market Products and Services




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