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If it isn’t all about work why then are we living? Work is life and life is work you can’t eat your cake and have it. It’s either you are rich or you are poor or you can be in the middle, and either way, it’s your choice. No working person is ever poor; instead you will be in between, neither rich nor poor. Without work you can’t get a successor and the future of your children will be at stake; like there won’t be any savings for their future.
Every average man knows that once he comes of age he is left with some responsibilities to take care of. Responsibilities ranging from family, friends, loved ones and even sometime personally created family, talking of your workers, your personal helps etc. All these people need to be taken care of and that can only be possible when you work.
Whether or not you were born with a silver spoon, you must have to work for a living, you must have to work to create a successor, and work to prepare your upcoming ones their own working environments. In fact, life is made of work.
The dignity in work is the work itself, you don’t need a certificate before you can work, and neither is it a must thing that you need to go through all formalities before you can work. Work can be anything you set up your mind to do believing that it’s going to earn you a better living. While you work, don’t only work with your eyes and ears, work smart and always think out of the box for a better result.




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