Encouragement and Boosting of workers Pride
Whatever is the job specification, services render or product of the industry, it is paramount that the proprietor honestly believes in the goal. He should believe in the quality and effectiveness of goods or services that he assigns people to accomplish.
If there are areas of development in the quality yet to be achieved, the workers should be made to understand especially when they compare product to others that have accomplished what you desire.
Entrust workers with responsibility of developing product
Certainly, product can be developed with extra stills or dedication of time without actually increasing or improving existing equipment, workers should be encouraged to bring about such improvements.
Never pass your responsibility for their failure
Set a regular achievable goal given the equipment and material on the ground. The attainment of that success will push them to pride of workmanship. You therefore have helped them to have respect for their labour and would look forward to achieving more and even breaking new grounds.




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