Lovely morning in Rafin-Seyin as the mother of Joy, Mercy, Samuel and Emmanuel woke up to get her kids prepared for school.
She gathered everyone to the sitting room, including her lovely husband for morning prayers, after which she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.
I don’t like this pattern
Change your style
So my mom got us ready for school.
Those days where NEPA never disappointed, our water cans all cooled up and we had no issue with torch-dragging.
With, all of us being less than 10, my big sis, Joy was responsible for feeding and taking care of us when we come back from school and also keeping the house in order (except washing plates, that one has been my identity).
Momsy left home with one message for big sis: “boil the water yam for you, Mercy and Samuel when you get back from school”. (Emma was still a baby then).
All good things. We went to school, came back after we closed for the day and we were waiting with eyes on my sis waiting for food like kids asking an adult if they have games on their phone. “Sister, I’m hungry” was the song.
Sha, then, we were still calling her Joy.
Sometimes I even forget her name is Joy. Title don turn name.
So, sweet sister Joy got busy in kishin work, trying to be professional with her preadolescent hands. I was at my duty post washing plates n Sammy was playing outside.
Sister picked a tuber of water yam and a knife and got to work…
I never start.
Sister started handling the tuber to the best of her skills, meanwhile, I was washing the plates at the backyard.
I came in to drop some of the plates I washed, that was when I noticed that she was rubbing her ear against her shoulder, using her arm to rub her forehead in an attempt to not use her hands. Toh wetin concern me, I drop plate go backyard go continue dey wash. My own na make she cook food mah chop.
I brought in another set and she was like, “Mercy please scratch the back of my ear for me” I scratched. “Leave there, scratch my neck. No, not there, the back. Oya go down small”
I was getting curious as I went back to wash. Naim sister call me again o. I left the plates just to see her scratching her body slightly WITH HER UNWASHED HANDS. She called, of course, to help her scratch the parts where her hands couldn’t reach (we were still little). I did so.
A minute later, I was using both hands to scratch “Not too hard!! Small small. Go up small , you have passed it”
The laugh wey hold me eh! We abandoned everything to a new scratching job
Can you believe we had to use a hair brush to scratch?!
Na so sis comot cloth o. I dunno how much I laughed tbh
She started bathing but it wasn’t enough. I had to do serious scrubbing but not too hard because skin is important
The one wey funny me na when we try use the head of local broom but e too harsh
She was bathing, i was lafving
The irony of everything was MOMSY ALREADY KEPT PEELED AND WASHED YAMS IN THE FRIDGE)  I mean, all we had to do was put it on the fire bruv
Sis, Joy you know I love you but this will never not be funny to me. I love you
Please don’t kill me
But I still wonder. How did it start?





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