Comedian Acapella has a lot to be grateful for after surving a ghastly car accident in Abuja with just a scratch on his hand. Narrating what happened, he shared photos via Instagram and wrote;After a Good Show on Sunday Evening in the Capital city (Abuja), On my way to the airport coming back to Lagos, Few minutes away from the airport, the unimaginable happened. I can’t explain what what happened within the space of 5 secs.

The Uber Driver Left His Lane And Ran Into Another OnGoing Vehicle. My Aiz For The First Time In My Life Saw What I Can Not Explain, The Countless Tumbles That The Car Went Through.

After A While There Was A Calm, And Here God Showed Me His Mighty Deeds Again.

I Came Out Clean With Just A Little Cut On My Right Hand, Driver Was Very Okay Too With A Little Cut As Well.

Only A Fool Says To Himself “THERE IS NO GOD”. Can’t Thank “GOD” Enough For Sparing My Life… Be Rest Assured That I’m Typing This Myself, Sound And Okay…

I Make People Happy, People Will Not Cry For My Sakes, I Will Not Be Mourned Before My Time. AMEN ??? God Bless Us All With Long Life.

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