Actress Tonto Dike , thanked fans who joined in the celebration of her son’s one year birthday, she also thanked her Husband
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Thanks to everyone who wished and prayed for my Baby on his first birthday ????,Your Love was overwhelming and i pray the good Lord will bless you all according to his riches in glory..
Most ESPECIALLY i Bless God for all his blessings upon Our lives!!
Special thanks to @yutee1@yuteerone,You have shown my Child so much care and love we pray for you!!You have made us feel powerful and strong thru your craft••Your journey to greatness shall never be hindered.
Thank you so much my older son@raphael2kriss I love you..You have been there for Us,the love and passion in which you look after your brother King is amazing..athank you for single handledly plannning Kings Grand party..
THANK you so much @iam_kingjosh for your love and immense Support..We love u..
Thanks to Papaking for We Produced A KING INDEED.••
THANK you so much My People!!
GROW IN GRACE,Good morning .




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