If you are not used to his stringent business style you can generate 100 reasons to dislike him but the success of his programs and the revolutionary touches in everything he touches in entertainment may make you dislike him the more unless you come to terms with the fact that there is need to strive for better, indifferent of how good they appear at that moment.

The just concluded MISS INDEPENDENCE was not only a display of firmness on the ground as the heavy down pour did not dissuade the people from coming, it was also a glaring example that with the right orientation the Nigerian youth can lead this country well as Blaze placed the entire organizational responsibility on his previously crowed Royalties from FACE OF EBONYI.

The crowd was brought face to face with a MISS INDEPENDECE program highlighting how different shades of green and white could stylistically express our NATIONAL identity, symbolizing how our ethnic diversity can still TRANSLATE TO A GREATER NIGERIA

Blaze, is working hard to bring sanity to the entertaining industry in Ebonyi state and South East in general to help eradicate fraudulent acts that may mar the industry. Over 12 years of experience in entertainment, Blaze is consuming flame specially factored for impossibilities.
We celebrate his contribution to Ebonyi State entertainment Industry.
This is a no wayo assertion.

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