The cry against domestic violence got a louder voice yesterday as Miss Pentecostal Nigeria, Queen Uche Obi and friends added their voices.
The street show in Abakaliki was not mere preaching, walking or carrying of placards to protest against domestic violence, it was a situation that proposed “don’t just condemn it, shout it, trample and kill domestic violence”
The evil of domestic violence is yet to be understood by many because people have not come to terms with abhor ring or according domestic violence the magnitude of condemnation it deserves. There is no neighbour that does not know domestic violence is taking place next door, it is most times completely disregarded since it is “not my business.”
According to Queen Uche Obi the effect of domestic violence reverberates, it has negative effects on the applier, people witnessing it, they are all victims and it is transformed to brutality in the communities. The only message from brutality is hate and violence, in the Nigerian society hate and violence is personified in ritual killings, cult activities, armed robberies and in our style of Politicking.
“Shout out your loud condemnation against domestic violence and kill these vices that have set our nation back”.
The CEO Miss Pentecostal Nigeria Oluchi Nwizugbo, who was also on the parade added that domestic violence should be seen and accepted as criminal offence by all, it is in no way a show of love or correctional approach against domestic mistakes. She used the opportunity to call on appropriate ministries of Ebonyi State Government to take advantage of pet projects of pageantries to help the state Government disseminate relevant information to the youths in Ebonyi State.  She added that a video against domestic violence in Igbo language will soon be on her Igbo language blog;




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