Used to trying to get everything done, be across everything and try to be all things to all people!
That was the fast track to being broke, unhappy and not really achieving anything significant.
So now days I live by a few simple rules that help me to be effective and allow me to perform at my highest level and most importantly allow me to stay exclusively focused on my life’s work….my vision!
It’s not always easy to remove everything out of your life that doesn’t add value, that doesn’t improve your skill set and make you wealthier and doesn’t move you closer to your dreams….But it may very well be the best move you ever make.

Keep in mind a Strategy like this won’t work for everyone, this is for those who want to make an impact, make a difference and couldn’t imagine living a life without ever experiencing their dreams!

If you value comfort, security, a sense of community and your family is your main focus then you will find your values in conflict with this…and that’s not a bad thing!

It works well for me because I’m a young guy, no kids and my greatest priority in life is making an impact on the lives of millions of people through my work…I’ve dedicated my entire being and life to that one mission.

So it’s important to do what will work for you!

However, we can all benefit from doing less and being more effective rather than trying to be more productive.

The best way to implement a strategy like this is to remove everything from your day to day schedule and then only put the tasks & actions that will make you better, wiser and wealthier back on your plate.

Once you’ve done all the BIG things then you can move your attention to the smaller or mundane tasks that take up your time but don’t really move your life forward in any great way!




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