This may be shorter than my part i and ii, but I really have to continue my search for talent. I had tried almost everything my hand and mind could lay hold of and the only hustling opportunity left before facing the labor market was pageantry. We sold tickets as if that was the main reason we were contesting.
The worst is, it does not look like I am part of the contest. Any time I was called up, the judges would just focus on their pads and pay little or no attention to my walking steps and twisting even when at times my smiles seem to finish on the stage, yet they don’t look.
The good thing about Pageantry is that once you have got involved with it, it will always keep you busy; at least you are immediately drawn into modeling and hosting programs and events. I am a jack of all trades and master of some #grins.
At this point babe go concentrate on school work o. Maybe one day I go find where I actually belong. End of discussion!

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