On the bright side, it seems I am going to be a singer as my humming in the bathroom has lead me to join the Church choir. Sometimes I think I am multi talented, my dancing skills and my new found singing is making me believe I may eventually revolutionalize gospel music. You know singing like Frank Edward and dancing like Tiwa ‘lol’.
I am not discouraged; the choir master tried to join me with people, pared me here and there, moved me from front to back and left to right. Well, I soon discovered where I am not talented, I may not know where my calling is but I know where it is not. Bye to singing.
Genevieve did not sing before she made it so what is the big deal. My experience in the Church drama is not a bad one Nollywood is where my future is. So I started hanging around movie people
The problem is after every movie, I don’t ever see it either in the market or on African magic. The worst is I can’t even recognize myself because I am always playing the juju character where they paint black all over my fine face. I don’t know why they think I should always be in the Juju part though.
Whenever I see Genevieve on the screen or her picture I will just paint her in my mind and wonder how she had made it even in those times when her friends could not recognize her or was she always made to act alongside a popular movie star? Well, she has always being lucky I guess. Bye to Nollywood until they will realize that am not so ugly that Ramser Nouah or Jim Iyke will not come home and Hug me and ask for his food if that is asking too much at least the role of a house maid and the gate man will want to be my boy friend, something to bring out the feminity in my acting at least
Take a look at this picture and see if you can recognize me. How can any man buy me an i- phone 7 and a car if this is all I can be recognized with as my Nollywood hustle.

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