- I fear that my poetic instinct resurrects only from the uncomfortable situations that my roommate who I have nicknamed Olori Oko, I hope the Yoruba word is apt for her lording me. My uncles, who will just shower praises on my father for seeing them through schools but to buy me hand –out is capital project and my feeding almost should not be a recurrent expenditure.
- Most of my poems were inspired by guys especially when they went into their digital malfunctioned catastrophic rhetoric of   who- told- you- don’t- even- go- there-how- dare- you- you are really—- if these are instigator of my poetic ingenuity; guys.
- But soon enough I realized I may have some gifts, writing Poem is certainly not included but that does not stop me from sharing one line for each of my poetic motivators.
Excerpt of my poems for the guys
- You daga me with suya stab – your aboki daga is meant for roasted meat not for fresh flesh of the flesh
- I will never be the monkey in your cage- I rather be in the zoo of love you promised
- If all men are evil, there abode should be the Garden of Eden for a woman’s deceit only comes from Satan.
- Excerpt of my poems for my uncle who always never had anything since Nigeria will always provide opportunities to dodge like fuel scarcity, strike and so on.
—- Born poor to stay thus as the vulture borne old live to look old world———
An extract from one of the poems I wrote after my uncles have just told me things are so difficult I can’t be helped.

Olorioko never stops bumping my feeling, my favorite line from my poem is
—- Worried by the grave side consolatory dogma “we meet to part no more” – you my pain personified olorioko?  Then hell is real———-
When I die one prayer that will bring me back to life is that Olorioko and I will meet to part no more I will soon be free as soon as I get a cheap and manageable accommodation.
A lot happens in life at the academic level.




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