I always wanted to do things with pictures, thanks to Technology everything can be made perfect, a great thing I was not born at the time when people may not like to present themselves for a photo shoot or photo contest for the fact that they feel naturally ill equipped.
Today, everything goes, thanks to Photo shop, and makeup technology; being tall, short, lekpa, Orobo or curvy, these details have no meaning because you can cut the excesses and pad the deficiencies. If your nose is as flat as Tuntunwada Park or high as okigwe Uturu Road even when it looks like Ipoba slop, photo shop will do the job not to talk of the innovations in makeup. Sometimes after making up, I feel the last person that used the mirror forgot her image there because what I see doesn’t really look like me.
Okay, the point is my Post graduation fever takes a lot of my time.
What will I do after graduation? Do not start to wonder why I don’t think I should be gainfully employed in the discipline my parents are sweating hard to see me through at the university.
The problem did not originate from me:—- engineers are working as Bank cashiers; chemical Engineer graduates are going to Cotonou to bring in cloths to sell abi my own go different?
I love pictures even when it’s not my discipline. What University did Mark Zuckerberg study Face Book? It’s even possible he doesn’t have First school leaving Certificate in Face Booking. Therefore—even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of ‘wowo’ I shall not fear because makeup and photo shop are with me.


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  • Robertthase January 3rd, 2017, 12:59:26 PM

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