It was my first day in the lecture hall, and I was late for class, as I raced my way towards the classroom I was shocked to see the lecturer standing before the class with a marker, it seems like he was giving them lectures or so. I was late again! I have tried avoiding this since I was in secondary school but I don’t always succeed because I need to look good before I will come out of course.
You should have seen my heart skipping as I feared he might ask me to kneel in front of the class, which would have being a life time embarrassment. Well, if you want to know, I did not enter the class because I was not ready to kneel down and be disgraced, I stood outside listening to him and at the same time glancing at what was happening around. Thirty minutes later, I was still outside. But then a girl just popped out of nowhere with a gum in her mouth and without even looking at the lecturer twice, entered the classroom and sat down comfortably on a sit and the lecture continued.
And I was like “so, this is how it is done in the campus”




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