A student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) has written an open letter to the government of the state where the institution is located. The school which has been on strike for more than 4 months has attracted heavy critics from all corners and it’s indeed deflating the prestige of Oyo and Osun states which co-own the school.
The writer whose name is known as Oladipupo expressed his mind in the letter which he addressed to the governor of Oyo state, Ajibola Ajimobi. The letter reads:
“Please I love to begin like this, Nigeria got her independence in 1960, today, it was 56 years ago, you as the governor of Oyo state was just of an age below 10.
For me, my mother hadn’t been born, but to history and records that tell the happenings we give thanks. The word “right” is defined as just right, another definition may come as an understatement but let’s understand it as an abstract idea of that which is due to a person or governmental body by law, or tradition, or nature.
To disturb me adjectivally, it means in conformance with justice or law or morality. With due respect sir, I have reminded you about the time of independence because it was since then that every Nigerian has been greatly empowered to live with “rights”.
So it’s, that is owned by the male and female, the handicap, the governors, the tall, the short and even the Nigerian students. As Nigerians we all have it no matter what the state of power has any of us. You, the big political leader have always been trying to prove your rights on exhibiting acts which seem to the people of Oyo state crazy, cruel and barbaric.
And you always provide them answers because you know they all have the right to question you. Like I have talked about the freedom of speech under political condition, I’ll let go the natural condition of right not to look rude at all. So I have the right to write on to reply to this statement “Lautech Students are thugs” and to aggrandize that you are our great role model.
To keep being straight, our Model sir, at the end of reading this message you might decide to order my arrest, but for a man like me who’s sick of living in this so-corrupted country I will be smiling before you in the court of law.
Matter of fact, I need to ask you why you’d get me arrested again after you’d already attempted to kill me on the 9th of December, 2016? Within these words, as our adopted father sir, tell me sincerely if you will order the NPF to fuel the ammo tank and shoot mercilessly at your kids if they are also Ladokites protesting peacefully for resumption after the 6 months and still lingering strike—and not the ones you’ve already travelled out of the country to study out there in fine and total peace?
As the result of the everyday railing of the students, I heard you loud and clear give the oral statement that Ladokites are thug -in-the-Yoruba-dialect during the townhall meeting, now which has caused me a thing which is excusable as moral-cephalalgia which made me take from the tablet of patience to cure myself.
Yes, quite respectful to the Elder I am. Now with the bullets of the day, you’ve hurt a spot, you got to cut one of the tissues that secure my mannerism, I beg, you’ve to do calm with an injured man.
Now I have to take us far back to the 60s, the typical act got done by you in the primary school you attended maybe it was just to prove your right. Right.
I still beg you not to think like I had already delved into your background.
Peradventure when we meet, you will know that I am somehow related to you thus correct me if I am wrong now thou the source of these facts is still nowhere to be found.
But to present the proof for my accusation–google will provide to any researcher your profile but will they find this on the net? You are from a great family mother-and-father’s sides. The great father, Okoro, was your big uncle, he was the brother of your father, he was a renowned politician and can be said the first person to be a politician in your family, with the set of Awolowo and Akinloye.
Your father was a very great man, and after Okoro’s death your father became an honorable, our grandfather Gani Ajimobi married two wives on the same day, I say he was a friend of society, he was a big fashion designer, and always smiling, Sir, talking only about the face characters, you are his dead ringer.
Your grandma, “Iya Amosa” was a very rich woman in Ibadan. Your mother was beautiful, and really cared about her dressing. She was a very easy-going and kindhearted woman. To cut the story short, it’s pertinent to say that you were raised with a silver spoon along with your other 9 siblings.
So this is it why you have always been our role model, like everyone education was given to you, at the time when education was sheer free, you began your education at Saint Patricks Primary School, Oke-Padre in Ibadan and completed your primary education at Ibadan City Council Primary School, Aperin to be precise”.




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