He has succeeded in creating the drama…
A lecturer in the sociology department of the Kogi state university, Edward Egwuaba has been accused of assaulting a female student he reportedly has an affair with. Politics Nigeria learnt that Egwuaba violently beat up the lady(names withheld), leaving bruises all over her body. The incident occurred on Monday, February 6th.
According to Femi Bamidele, a student privy to details of the incident, Egwuaba was known for assaulting women. He wrote;
Edward Egwuaba. a lecturer in the Sociology dept, Kogi State University physically abused a female student he was having an affair with.
This happened on Monday night; the girl left Edward‘s place for a church meeting and later went to her hostel. But Edward who had been trying to reach her grew suspicious and found her later in her hostel.
He beat her mercilessly leaving bruises all over her body.
According to a friend of the maltreated girlfriend, this is not the first time Edward would maltreat a woman. He had done similar to a previous girlfriend, who he allegedly beat up and locked in the boot of his car.

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