Hey guys! Come over here, it’s about time you started using better English when communicating with another. It is good to know that you can build up your speaking vocabulary with some good dictionaries on the Google Play Store. Have you ever wondered which apps are better for you to download?
Let’s check out these few apps online:
This is one of the pretty good applications that you can find on the Google Play Store. The American Heritage dictionary and Thesaurus are also found there. It has over 40 different languages and also can be available offline. It has an everyday feature of idioms for the day, audio pronunciations, word etymology and also some financial and medical terminologies. It has a free version, but you can get the pro version for some $1.99.
It is also a good one. I can remember using it, as it had a translator of over 30 languages and also audio pronunciations. It is a good application that helps to use a lot of dictionary features. It also has a word for each day and an icon image for the day.
Dictionary Linguee
This is one dictionary that is also free online. It has a lot from cross-section of languages to the translations and definitions of what each word could mean. It has a dozen of languages from English to Spanish and also some French and German support of languages. The entire application is free online and also has no in-app purchase.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
You may had probably heard of that in the past as it also rings a bell on the hard copy found in various shelves, homes and libraries. It has a word game to make you increase your vocabulary and also a integrated thesaurus, sentence example and also audio pronunciation. You will not miss out the word for the day and also the full version for some $2.99. Try the application out and let’s get your reaction.
English Dictionary
You may have heard of the English dictionary which is very free online and has a lot of usage. It has a word base of over 239000 words that you can use from. You can also choose a theme between light and dark. It’s worth checking out as you will also have a transcribed word of the word in search.




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