1. Taxes
How confusing are taxes? If we had a bit more practice preparing them before we left school, we’d be in better shape to tackle them after school. Imagine defining tax as lessons are going, memorizing them for exams and then come out to face the reality of paying them.
2. Live Without Technology

I’m not getting all doomsday or anything but there might be times when you need to live without technology – like, during a natural disaster. The more we rely on tech, the more vulnerable we are when the batteries stop!
3. Health!
Sure, there are PE classes at school but is there really any in-depth learning in regards to how to look after your health in the long term?
4. Shopping
Shopping is always going to be part of your life, but wouldn’t it be great if, at school, they taught you how to spend it wisely and how to get the best bargains?
5. Speaking
This might sound like a strange one but there runs are on the board, so to speak. How many people do you know that don’t know how to speak politely, or effectively, when it comes to communication either personally or professionally?
6. First aid
You may have been lucky enough to attend a school where this was taught in some form or another. But it really should be a core part of the school curriculum – seriously. That way, absolutely everybody would know it as second nature.
7. Law
We don’t want everybody to become lawyers, but it would be nice if people were taught the law from day one and then perhaps, they’d grow up to live in a more law-abiding world.
8. Patience
I wish they had taught me this at school. I’m very bad at being patient. I can’t even wait for this damn sentence to finish!
9. Finding job
Yeah, school gets us ready for more schooling (in the form of university), however, a lot of us could do with a bit of help learning how to go about getting a job, either while we’re studying or beyond that. Not just teaching us how to write application later though.
10. The metric system
This one probably applies mainly to people in the United States who never got involved in track and field. But that’s a whole lot of people!
Some schools might teach a bit, but most need to teach a whole lot more.
11. Car repairs
You know, for kids whose dad couldn’t/wouldn’t show them the basics…
12. Computer maintenance
The more we use computers the more stuff can go wrong, and wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to call the IT guy for absolutely everything?!
13. Making friends
This might sound like a strange one but some people don’t have the inherent skills. That doesn’t mean they’re weird or anything, it just means they don’t really know how. It’s a legit skill that will serve you later in life as you try and network and meet new people in the big, wide world.
14. Building credit cards
This skill is of utmost importance. If you don’t have a good credit score, it’s going to be difficult to do a whole lot of things in life. Many people learn this the hard way.
15. Time management
Many of us bite off more than we can chew, while others really utilize the time as it ought to be. Practice and more practice would make this a skill most people have, creating a more efficient world in which to live. But I learnt how to manage time on my own because they couldn’t teach me that at school.
16. Negotiation
Some schools have a small percentage of their students join the debating team, but a more universal approach would give kids the skills and confidence to negotiate better in life.
Think about it – if we could somehow learn the trials and tribulations of the dating world earlier in life, wouldn’t we have a better chance of happiness? It would probably put the brakes on teen pregnancy too – perhaps…
18.Breaking up
Maybe this should go under the blanket of dating although, as most of us know, breaking up is a whole other ball game. It can get messy – really messy. Maybe, just maybe, if kids were taught how to deal with it better when they’re younger, things won’t get quite so bad later.
19. Live sustainably
Perhaps this is one that will actually be factored in over the immediate years to come. The whole planet (okay not the whole planet – but we’re “planting seeds”) is coming to terms with it and so it should only be a matter of time before it’s an inherent part of learning as a child.
20. Home repairs
My teacher should have at least taught me how to repair my watches when it spoils. This is exactly like the vehicle repairs except us replace “vehicle” with “home/house”.
21. Handling money
They thought by teaching me economics, that they have taught me how to handle money, but they only succeeded in teaching me the law of diminishing returns. See them! Though some parents are pretty good at this, others don’t bother. If it were taught in schools then young people who’ve just started earning their own money will surely make far less financial mistakes.
22. Self defense
You never know when you’re going to need this one. In an ideal world you would never need it, however, we do not live in a world like that. If you think about it, it seems crazy that this isn’t universally taught in schools. I mean, if you can’t defend yourself, then what’s the point in doing anything?!
23. How to dress
It could be argued that some schools that have a uniform are already doing this; however, if long socks and a tie isn’t your thing, then you’re going to need further assistance, moreover my school uniform does not even include ties.
24. Cooking
Some schools offer this sort of thing but it’s another that could perhaps be universal for the benefit of mankind.
Then again, there’s this thing called YouTube.
25. Self awareness
Who am I?
This dog has more of an idea who they are than most kids who’ve just left school.




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