In a fast moving innovative and technological world as ours, two fundamentals have constantly occupied the centre stage as prime propellers. They are BOOKS and RESEARCH. While BOOKS are described and most accepted as – “set of written, printed, or blank pages fastened along one side and encased between protective covers which include e-books and e-journals, Research entails the systematic investigation into and study of materials such as books and other sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. Books are the substantive material products or objects capable of been felt, touched or seen. Research in the other hand are the adjectival process with a procedural elements doable and also demonstrable in key characteristics or words like - study, enquire into, look into, make enquiries, probe, explore, analyse, examine, scrutinize, inspect, review assess and more.
If the descriptions or definitions above are true reflections of Books and Research, why then are these two great concepts aliens to a greater population of peoples around the globe? For the Black People, African and Nigerians, the reasons are wide, varied and complex. The analyses are reserved for the next publication. However, for the greater general population, four things and four categories of people(s) stand apparently and indisputable out in relation to their attitudes towards Research & Books.
Four principle groups -A, B, C & D are marked out for the purpose of this article: The first -group A create all the books, actions, interfere and even erupt nature and natural phenomena. They alter the cause of history and nature! They are extra ordinarily curious, natural born paranoid adventurists. They are ingenious and scientific. They cause all the inventions and actions wherever and whatsoever in the world. They are the Einsteins, Alfred Nobles, Shakespares, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Prof. Oyibos, Newtons, Faradays, Chikaobis, Achebes, Zuckerberys etc. They are naturally and simplicita - BOOKS & RESEARCH personified.
The second category (group B) is born naturally lazy, physical and mental weak, indolents, having no strong mental bearing or fortitudes. They just exist and does not care nor recognize anything around them. Finding out, knowing, probing, asking, looking into, analysing, viewing etc. to this category is a complete Greek. Hence, talking about Research or Books and their accompanying benefits – is a complete waste of saliva.
The third group (C group) have many hybrids- the first hybrids are similar to the category B but differ in the sense that they are both lazy and active at the same time. They major or dwell permanently and fundamentally on rumours, innuendos, gossips, hearsays and speculations. They are also very lazy, reckless, irrational, erratic having serious difficulties to accurately process information or data before use. They are active because they swallow every idle words, gossips, speculations and trivialities lines, rods, hooks and sinkers. They also spread, transfer and disseminate whatever thing(s), news or information without any second thought as to its truth, accuracy or veracity. Their lives are very superficial, they appear smart, relative eloquent, callous and always pretend to have important info or news to pass on…For this group, Books and Research are one strange, painstaking, tedious and hectic endeavours that only some weird and boring people must do, so as to bring them something to talk about. They believe and pass on everything without a question. They are a predominate percentage of the total global population.
The last group (D) are fervent and adamant worshipers of Books & Research, they are studious, methodological. They follow trends, books, research. They are pre-occupied with things like - study, enquire into, look into, make enquiries, probe, explore, analyse, examine, scrutinize, inspect, review, assess…Every of their words and activities begin with the magical why, who, how, when and end with where, if, whether, wonder, etc. Again, they are very inquisitive, curious just like group A, but only short of life-risk taking and paranoid adventurisms correlative in A group. This group appears extremely important but relatively few in numerical strength and needs fortification.
From the foregoing, the traits so far identified in category A, B, D are natural dispositions inherent in those groups. However, for notorious group C, given a on proper environment, right circumstances, the group can be re-branded, trained up, educated or doctored up to the level of category D. And predicated on these facts, the writer and his cohorts have an uphill tasks, and therefore must exert a serious and concerted efforts to convert and redeem the large population in this class in order reduce the human and material wastes as constituted by them.
“If you don’t know BOOK, you can’t Book “ – Enyioha.




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