As we intensified our campaigns and promotions in relation to reading of Books and engagement in daily research,  we are not oblivious of some challenging principle questions or most frequently asked questions like: ( i) What are good Books, Journals or Materials to read?; (ii) When or how can one be involved or engaged in doing research?
The later question appears most daunting or seems to require some skills, some rocket science brains or extra sophistication. However and strangely too, it’s the more straightforward and more simple question having the right and appropriate answers very near- fetched. So, simply investigate, read, find out, interview, question, debate, critique, analyses, evaluate, synthesis or look into ‘Everything’, human, material,  tangibles or intangibles including ‘Every Thoughts’ that ever come across you at any time, any day. Doing just that….You are just good to go and for that matter, you are a great Researcher - simplicita!!
On the former question, a good Book is likened to a quality human being. The person cannot be judged by colour, height, facial looks, ethnicity, religion, language or even cultures. Hence, it’s often said that a Book can not be judged by its colours. A human need to be judged by the intrinsic human values or qualities that he/she possesses and portrays . So also a good Book should to be also judged by some of the most intrinsic values- I dare to suggest some in exhaustive grand qualities that a great Material or Book must endeavour to possess: A good Material/ Book must articulate different opinions , thoughts and must present an established theorem within a field or subject matter with some degree of openness;  It must be devoid of one-sidedness, myopic tendencies and views engulfed in sectarian aggrandisements; it must be very reflective and thoughts provoking;  A good Material/Book must be very analytical and evaluative; whatever the topic, the argument or the subject matter, a good Book/Material must draw no conclusions; a good Book/Material need to be peer reviewed.
Against these backdrops, two illustration of very bad Materials clearly and readily came to my mind. This is where we have the most lazy and horrendous mistakes by most African religious leaders. A situation where they have their recorded (tapes) preachings of the Sunday morning printed out by Monday afternoon and churn them out as a good religious Books. Just imagine a situation where the Nigerian movies stars concluded shooting a home movie at Enugu by 9 am and by 4 pm of the same day, the said movies are already in the market shelves for sale at Aba. Without any second reading by the authors, no proper editing, no peer review, no proof –reading, not edited, no critique . In case of the religious garbage, instead of tackling the material pitfalls, it is claimed to be ‘holy-ghost’ inspired! The home movies have turned a single strand of story lines told at different market square by the same people. These kinds of Books/Material totally lack the inherent intrinsic or even extrinsic values or qualities of a Good Book/Materials as earlier and above enunciated. How long will this continue?
Folks join me let us do BOOKS! But ‘if you no know book, you can’t book’ -  Tom Okpo.




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