In Montes de Maria, the hilly region on the northern coast of Colombia where she lives and works, they had a particularly good harvest this year - but demand is low and yams are rotting.
So the community put out a call for help - via YouTube.
“We want to invite you to buy yams and help us,” says the farmer in a 40-second video that went viral in Colombia.
“Yams are good for arthritis, for constipation and during the menopause,” her fellow female farmers-turned-YouTubers add enthusiastically, marketing their produce.
Farmer Ainagul Abdrakhmanova, a 32-year-old mother-of-five, also asked for support, but in her case from a women’s self-help group that gathers in her remote mountainous village in central Kyrgystan.
“They helped me with the planting and to install drip irrigation,” says Ms Abdrakhmanova, who now grows tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots; crops she was told would never prosper in her plot.

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