If seeds of maize which are carelessly discarded in gutters could germinate, grow without weeding the environment or any care and eventually produce ears of corn, why then are you crying of hunger. Laziness verses grumbling equals to recession.
As hectic as it could sound to you especially if you are the “bring the food let’s eat type,” you can never understand that we need to go back to the root (farming). Does it matter what you sell to make money as long as it is legitimate?
The most annoying is unemployed Agricultural graduates who are brandishing their Cv’s hopping to get a job preferable in Abuja or better still Aso Rock
We are more endowed by nature to cultivate all year round than most countries of the world but the greatest sorrow for mankind is that we claim to be hard working strong and smart.
What is recession if with 500 Naira you can cook a pot of chicken soup and corn meal?
This certainly is an unrealizable dream because the little maize we plant is not enough to reduce cost of poultry feeds.

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