As youths, we are always too quick to blame and condemn the government over their inability to provide us with adequate source of income through employment, and have forgotten that there are hundred thousands of ways we can get our own money without involving the government but actually help them instead by creating more job opportunities for other people.
Food business is always good business, especially in Nigeria. Vegetables are also widely used by everyone, irrespective of social status. I think it’s safe to say vegetable prices triple between when they leave the village and when they arrive their destinations.
The most successful farmers are those who have farms outside town and bring their produce into town to distribute in markets. Think of purchasing some seeds and pick up some sort after vegetable to regrow on your small piece of land and begin something now. No land? Not a problem there are folks who would gladly lease out their pieces of land for an agreed later date for payment.
Just start a food business today and you won’t have to go hungry again.




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