I just want to share a solution to the issue of rape which has a different definition by different people. When I arrived Austria, I lost interest in marrying a white woman because of this singular encounter with the first white girl I dated and if you don’t marry a white woman you have to prepare your mind to come back home earlier than expected because of issue of legal and illegal residence.
Ukella and I have been hanging out in coffee bars, parks and of course, we have been kissing already. The first day she slept in my place, she said she does not want sex, and I respected her because of accusation of rape which is very common out there but eventually in the morning ukella accused me of raping her breast, and it took the intervention of some friends around to save me from going to the police.
This should be a solution or an answer to the question of rape in the society, looks like you can even be accused of rape if you touch a woman’s hand without her permission.




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