Today though spent inside my lovely crib was a bit eventful for me…. At a time when I was getting so bored and tired of sleeping, my eyes went straight to where I kept my two wristwatches.
“Both of them were even faulty. And I knew I would soon need a new one. Man needs money ooo” I thought to myself.
Then, this unknown voice whispered to me,
“You neither need a new one nor the both of them, “obodo bu igwe”. You just need a functional one. By the way, they have complementary faults. One of them has a good leader but is not working, while the other has worn out leather but is functional. Get to work”
I headed straight to my kitchen and came out with some tools and commenced work immediately. It amazingly took me an hour and thirty-six minutes with a minor cut-injury to switch the leather handles of both watches to get a functional whole one. This got me thinking real hard because I know it would take a professional and some Naira just a minute to do the same work.
We can do it ourselves.




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